Monday, March 10, 2014

We Are Now the Lord's Missionaries!

This is an excerpt from the first snail mail letter sent from Sidney:

I made it! I got here just fine. Even met an elder on the airplane. I gave a passalong card to a man on the plane too! Already started my work! Then I got on the shuttle to the MTC with a bunch of other missionaries, and realized 'oh yeah, they're a bunch of boys!' Stinky boys who talk about the weirdest things. But I was so excited to start. I got my name tag when we checked in and became official! I love looking at it. It makes me smile every time I pass a mirror.

My host sister, Sister Lee, was so sweet. She helped me with my luggage and settling in. We stopped and grabbed some food, and I started eating a banana- her eyes got so wide and she looked at me and said, "We forgot to pray!" It was so funny, but now I'm used to praying all the time- it's so great! I'm already developing righteous habits.

We basically ran over from meeting to meeting. So much information! During an orientation we sang "We'll bring the world His truth" but they changed the words to say "and we are now the Lord's missionaries." What a powerful moment! Every second I can't really believe I'm here, that I'm really doing this, but it couldn't feel more right.

The food- uh oh. No bueno! But I've found ways to be healthy. They have salads and make your own wraps and fruit, so that helps. I'm being good and not eating any sweets! (Until Sunday maybe :) )

My companion is Sister Greene from Flagstaffe, Arizona, and I just love her. She is strong and tall (5'10") and such an amazing example to me of obedience. It is an adjustment, but it has been such a blessing to have her with me 24/7!

We met our Branch President last night, Brother Wenn. He is the tiniest man, maybe 5' and an inch. But he is a spiritual giant. His love for us is so true and sincere - it's great to feel that!
I miss you all so much, and I still can't believe I'm really doing this! I know without a doubt that I have been prepared for this mission. I know it is my calling!

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