Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hola, Yo Soy La Hermana Boman

Last week we went on exchanges! It's where you trade companions for 24 hours to help each other out and to learn. I was with Hermana Ramirez, and we started the day working at the temple. We were in the reception tent, where we normally stay in the introductory video rooms in the tabernacle. Although it was rough standing the whole time, it paid off! There are so many opportunities to share your testimony and help people to feel the spirit there. One woman (who I don't think was a member of the church) walked by, and I asked her how she like the tour. She said oh it was beautiful. I felt prompted to ask her how she felt while she was inside. She looked at me, her eyes swelling with tears, trying to speak. Finally she said "I just can't describe what I felt there. And i'm a writer!" It was so incredible to see how the spirit had touched her, and to have helped her to recognize that! What a blessing.  

Hermana Ramirez!
Then we moved over to the tabernacle to help in the Spanish video rooms. I introduced myself, "Hola, yo soy la Hermana Boman, y no hablo espaƱol!" It was so funny. They also use that room to show the video in American Sign Language, and we had two deaf groups come through. They taught us how to say "Thank you for coming to the temple today". Then we sat in the back of the room and tried to learn the whole video in sign language. Hermana Ramirez is so fun, we goofed around a lot. 


Then we went to her area (Spanish speaking) and worked! We met with a woman and we talked to her about the Book of Mormon. We explained it with the pictures that are in the front of the book. It was awesome to bear testimony of the truthfulness and the power of this book. I have been studying more about it, and I learned that when the gospel was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith, translating the Book of Mormon was the first thing that he did- before the restoration of the priesthood, before the organization of the church! That shows how important it is. The woman felt comfortable enough to ask us some questions that she has had about the church. It was great. Then we went to another lesson, and the only person that spoke english was their daughter, so I taught her the Plan of Salvation. We drew it together on paper. She asked a lot of great questions and I helped her to understand where we come from, why we're here on Earth, and what happens after this life. Then we went to our dinner, and we had sopes! Hand made delicious mexican food. It was at that moment that I decided that I am abandoning the English program. I'm going SPANISH!!! Hahaha it was so good. Then we had another lesson and we stopped by a member's house who was going to come to the lesson with us, and he came up to the car to get in! We yelled NO! Men are not allowed in our cars. Unfortunately he thought that we were giving him a ride, and he doesn't have a car, so we had to go to the lesson alone. It was pretty funny though. 

Then it was back to reality (English speaking). On Sunday we sat in a sacrament meeting and I thought to myself, "Hmm we haven't spoken in this ward yet, we should talk to the Bishop about that!" Then after two youth speakers, the Bishop stood up and said "Well, our main speaker is sick, so we have three options: the back row, our High Councilman, or the Sister Missionaries! I don't think everyone has had a chance to meet Sister Boman, so let's have our Sisters come up and speak to us". I was grinning ear to ear as he spoke. The Lord had answered my prayer! Unfortunately, someone had to get sick in the process, but I was able to speak and let the members know how much we love them. I told them all that they are like super heroes- they have so much potential, they just haven't discovered their super powers yet! I was able to bear my testimony of the gospel. I am so grateful to be able to help others to know of the truth! 

I love you all and I hope you're smiling!


Sister Boman

Monday, August 18, 2014

Speak Light

We are so busy with the temple, I know I've said this the past three weeks but time is literally FLYING by on a jet plane.

Sisters of Group 2! 
We had an incredible lesson this week with a young man who is 16. He has been interested in the church for the past two years, and is currently communicating with a missionary who is the elder brother of a girl he has taken out on a few dates.  His dad was the drummer in a Protestant church band, but they didn't need him any more so they stopped going. This kid said that he has always liked how the LDS church is organized, very centered on Jesus Christ. He said he feels there is more that he could be doing with his life. He wants to live a happy, peaceful life, to serve others. He said that he doesn't want to have any regrets. He recently toured the ogden temple open house, and when asked how his experience was, he responded "I felt peace, and warm." We excitedly told him that was the holy ghost, letting him know that these things are true. We invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God.  He said yes, without hesitation. He was very thoughtful throughout the whole lesson, very open and honest. The only problem is that he hasn't told his parents. They have harbored hard feelings toward members of the church; on one instance his stepbrother had an LDS friend, and the friend's parents stopped letting them hang out because he wasn't a member of the church. His dad also has other hesitations. We encouraged him to pray for his parent's hearts to be softened. We invited him to say the closing prayer, and he said "Dear Lord, give me a way, any sort of way, to talk to my parents."  It was incredible to see his faith exercised in that simple prayer. We walked out of the lesson floating on a cloud. We don't know what the outcome will be, but to see the power of the spirit work on someone, and to see how God has prepared them, that is what we live for!

Last night we had dinner with a new bishop, it was so much fun! He has five daughters. I told them about my story, how I ended up on a mission. He texted us later that night and thanked us for coming, and that all of his girls want to be missionaries now! I love getting to know people and helping them to realize their potential. I have been so blessed to serve a mission. It has changed me completely. I know that my life will never be the same. I have realized my Savior's love for me, and I am so lucky to share that with everyone I meet!

I am so lucky to be serving here in the Ogden Utah mission. Especially helping with the Temple open house! And in what other mission do you get free food? You can catch us at the cupcake shop downtown every Tuesday...

I love you all and I hope you're smiling! Sorry my letters have been shorter, half of the time is spent working at the open house, so not much is changing. 


Sister Boman

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Succor His People

photo credits to Sister Campbell!

Last week I complained a bit about working at the temple. It is hard work, but then I heard the awesome experiences that other sisters are having while working, and I thought why can't I have those same experiences? So I've shifted my mindset. With each group of people that we speak to, I ask, "Raise your hand if this is your first time going inside a temple!" (Thanks to Hermana Tolman for this idea!) Usually it is a bunch of little kids who raise their hands, but then a few adults timidly raise their hands as well. That is my favorite part. To see the look of curiosity on their face, and to know that the Lord has prepared them to be here at this moment. We let them know how excited we are that they are here, and assure that this is going to be a special day. Then we press play, and the introductory video starts. It begins with different shots of temples all over the world. All of the little ones are oohing and ahhing and exclaiming "IT'S A TEMPLE MOMMY, LOOK!" What a delight to see that these children recognize the House of the Lord, that they are mindful of how special and sacred it is. Then we spend the next ten minutes making faces at all of the cute babies, because at this point, we have the video memorized.

Sometimes we think that life is so hard and that nothing is going our way. But we must stop and think- how is my attitude effecting my outlook? I know that my service at the temple has become more of a blessing as I recognize that power I have in helping others to feel the spirit. My wonderful Nana sent me a quote a few weeks ago from President Gordon B. Hinckley.

"Tremendous happiness and peace of mind are the results of loving service to others.  Nobody can live fully and happily who lives only unto himself or herself"

I know that this is true. We taught a less active couple this past week, and they have been dealing with so much. But we were able to help them recognize that Heavenly Father gives us trials to help us to realize our potential. He also gives us hard times to open an opportunity for us to rely on Him. We cannot do it alone. He knows that, and so He sent His son Jesus Christ.

"And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities." Alma 7:12

We can not live this life on our own, and we can not live it solely for ourselves. I have been blessed with this opportunity to serve the people in Utah, and the sacrifices that I am making now, are helping me to find, like President Hinckley said, "tremendous happiness and peace of mind".

I love you all and I hope you are smiling!


Sister Boman
This is my house... a big red barn converted into a loft! That is Sugar the horse in the background.

I Need Thee Every Hour

Welcome to the Ogden Temple!

Another week has passed, and yesterday was my five month mark! I honestly can't believe i've been out that long. Days are long with our six hour shifts at the temple. We work every day except sunday. It is tiring! We work at the temple part of the day and then go back to our area and teach. A full time job plus another full time job. Needless to say, we will deserve a foot massage after this transfer. Working at the temple is different than what I expected. We are not allowed to proselyte, so mainly we just smile, be friendly, and invite them to fill out a comment card. It's hard when we are used to teaching and testifying! But I know that the Lord will bless us for our service. We are helping His work, in whatever form that may be.

Bountiful Temple
On Saturday we had the chance to go to the temple with a recent convert to the church. I had not worked with him, but I was invited as well. It was a beautiful experience. His family and in laws were all so proud of him. You could tell that he had been touched by the spirit. The next day we had family home evening with them all, as well as his son who is not a member. We taught the restoration of the gospel. When we came to the end, I asked the group, what is the point? Why do we do all of these things? Why do we learn? Why do we want to find out if it is true? Why do we care? And the recent convert answered, "It is so that we can be with our families forever in the Celestial Kingdom. We do it all so that we can feel that peace, that joy, that happiness. That is what this life is for- to prepare us for that day". It was so incredible to me to see someone who had previously never had this understanding, to have become enlightened. He has gained a testimony of the truthfulness of these things, by the power of the Holy Ghost.

I had an experience on Sunday during Sacrament Meeting. I had had a rough morning, stressed out, frustrated, and discouraged. I sat in the meeting, grumpily singing the sacrament hymn. It was hymn 185, Reverently and Meekly Now. I came to the third verse, which says:

Bid thine heart all strife to cease;
With thy brethren be at peace.
Oh, forgive as thou wouldst be
E’en forgiven now by me.
In the solemn faith of prayer
Cast upon me all thy care,
And my Spirit’s grace shall be
Like a fountain unto thee.

I knew, at this moment, that the Lord was mindful of my needs. I had been fasting that day for strength and peace, and He knew that He could answer my prayer through the words of a hymn. I know that as I do as He directs, and cast upon Him all of my cares, He will pour out His spirit unto me. Not just a little bit, but "like a fountain". I need my Savior every hour. In joy or pain. Good times and bad.

I know that this gospel is true! Our Heavenly Father loves us so much. He wants us to be happy, and he has given us times of trial to make us stronger, to help us realize our divine potential.

I love you all, and I hope you're smiling!


Sister Boman