Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Drive For Show, Putt For Dough

how's my form?

That's what my dad always says. In golf, it's easy to show off your skills by hitting the ball far. But when it comes down to it, crunch time is on the putting green. We went golfing today- which was totally awesome, and my companion enjoyed herself as well! But I was thinking of that saying- drive for show, putt for dough. It's really true for missionary work. Often missionaries get caught up in how many baptisms they get- this is where they "drive for show". The "putting" comes in when we take the time to really help people develop a testimony, when we help members to realize that they can share the gospel with the people they love. So much of the mission consists of those shorter strokes. They may not seem like much, but they add up! And the reward is eternal salvation! Does it get any better than that??

such a fun p-day!
There is a house that we always pass on our way home, and the sweetest little cat named Daisy comes and greets us at the fence. Last week we spoke to the lady who lives there. She had once been a member of the church, but she started reading some anti-mormon literature and asked to have her records removed from the church (basically she didn't want anything to do with the church anymore). We have run into this before. It is so sad, because while we were talking to her, she said she was still searching for the truth. How sad that she had the truth, but the adversary has persuaded her otherwise- making her doubt what she knew and believed. She was a really sweet lady, and told us that we better read these things to know the truth about the church, but I bore my testimony to her. I told her that I don't know everything. There are things that have happened in the church that I don't know everything about and some things that I don't understand. But I have felt the Spirit of God burning in my heart- and it has testified to me that this gospel is true- that this is Jesus Christ's church. I have prayed to know for myself, and through prayer and study, I can never deny the truth that I know. And I am so grateful for that confirmation! Anyways, she is now Baptist. She told us that her church does a food bank every Friday, and she invited us to come and help. We went and took the Nelsons (our favorite older couple/adopted grandparents) with us. They had shopping carts and we would take people around and fill up a shopping cart for them, and help them load the food into their car. They were so grateful that we had come to help, especially because they were short handed. It was so wonderful to help and serve people who were in need. And how great to work with people of different faiths- all with the same purpose of loving others and following the example of Jesus Christ!

We had dinner the other night with a young family, and when we were getting ready to leave, the little boy grabbed Sister Bartnik and I by the arm, pulled us close, and said, "I'm gonna keep you!" It was the sweetest thing! It really made me miss working with kids. And that makes me happy, because I know that I will love my job for the rest of my life!

We are still working with the young less active couple, and they are doing awesome! He downloaded the scriptures onto his phone, and is already well into the Book of Mormon! And all of that was his idea! We met with them the other night and he is already seeing parallels between his life and the teachings in the scriptures. It is so incredible to see the growth and change in people- and so exciting to see their understanding and happiness increase!

I love you all so much. I hope you are happy. And I hope that you know that there is so much happiness that we can find through faith in our Heavenly Father, and in His Son's atoning sacrifice.

Keep smiling!


Sister Boman

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