Monday, April 7, 2014


That is our new phrase, YOSO! Instead of YOLO for  "you only live once" I thought of "you only serve once". We talk to everyone we see, but it's scary sometimes! But when you thing YOSO then you just go and talk to them! This weekend our Sister Training Leader Hermana Egan (Olivia's friend from BYU that I had met before!) stayed with us for a day. She is so fun and she taught us another phrase- TOAST! It stands for "thrive on awkward situations today"! So no matter what, we talk to people, even if it's awkward! Sometimes people will try to walk away but you just ask them their name and put out your hand for a handshake! It's so funny. But the reason why we are so bold is because it's our job! When we are baptized, we promise to stand as a witness of God. Many people here used to be members of the church, others have had bad experiences with people in the church, and some have misunderstood teachings. So we always try to talk to people to find out what their concerns are. Then we can help them to work through things! But none of this happens if we don't talk to people! So we YOSO and TOAST :)

Hermana Egan! So fun to see her!

A typical day starts early, with:
a workout (not lately because i'm sick)
personal study of the scriptures
companionship study
the 12 week training program because i'm a greenie
then we go out and visit people in the area
have lunch
do some more visits
dinner at a member's home

We play speedball (a mix of basketball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee) on Saturday morning with our zone (a group of missionaries in the area) and volleyball when we can. They are a goofy group of missionaries! But it's so much fun to be silly.

The Nelsons! They are the sweetest couple! They are wonderful members and they take great care of us!

We cover a whole stake (members of the church in a geographical area) and there are 6 wards (a smaller geographical area) in that stake. So what that means is that there are a lot of members of the church in a small area! We have dinners each week with the different wards. It is so many people to keep track of, it's practically impossible! But everyone is so kind and helpful. We had a car the first week I was here but some other missionaries needed it more than we do, so we walk everywhere! Unless we are in a rush or the weather is awful. Speaking of which, the weather here is nuts! It will be sunny one day and snowing the next! Last week Sister Bartnik and I were leaving lunch and we were walking home. We saw some really dark clouds coming in. It started to rain, and then snow, and Sister Bartnik said sarcastically, "Thank you, Heavenly Father!" and right at that moment the sky went BOOOOOOOOOOM and it started snowing like crazy! I've never seen snowfall that intense! We could barely walk and we had our umbrellas in front of our faces and we were laughing so hard we could barely move. It was hilarious. So don't be blasphemous! The Lord is always listening! Haha but luckily He is merciful and a young couple took pity on us and gave us a ride home.

My companion, Sister Bartnik! I love her!

We continue to teach anyone who wants to learn more about the church and how to come closer to Jesus Christ. It is amazing to see that when people act on the faith that they have, miracles happen! I love studying the book of mormon every day. It holds so much truth! Every time I read it I feel closer to my Heavenly Father.

This weekend is General Conference, when we get to hear the living prophet Thomas S. Monson and his apostles speak! I am so excited! I invite all of you to watch it and listen to the words that God wants us to hear!

I love you all! Keep the letters coming! I truly appreciate all of the love and prayers that you send, they keep me strong!


Sister Boman

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