Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You're Killin' Me Smalls!

watch out, we're baaaack!
This week was great. It is always strange to go to a new area and get to know all new people, but luckily you learn to love them just as much as the people you were working with before. It really was sad to leave my last area, but I am excited to see the work grow in my new area! 

We are trying to build up the stake and get the members involved in missionary work. It is so much more effective when we have their help. Otherwise we are just those girls that come and knock on your door. What is awesome to see here is that there is a ton of missionary effort from the youth! Usually I am hesitant to work with younger kids, but these kids actually want to get baptized! It's not just the pressure from their parents, they actually have friends who are setting a good example for them and they can sense a difference. The great thing about these kids friends is that they are not ashamed of the gospel! They care about their friends and they aren't afraid to share the gospel with them. 

We are teaching a young man who is 13. I'm going to call him Smalls, because he is exactly like Smalls from the movie the Sandlot! He is so sweet and genuine, he has the same smile and laugh, it is so funny. He is so smart too. Before he is baptized he needs to come to church three times. We asked him why that is a requirement for baptism, and he said it is important to show that you're willing to do this, that you really want to follow Jesus Christ. He gets it! We just had a lesson with him about the word of wisdom, and he said it is important because we don't want to break our relationship with God. Then his friend, who was baptized in the past year, told him about how he will feel when he is baptized. He said "It's weird, well, not really weird. But you come out of the water and you just feel... good." It was so neat to hear him testify of the power of baptism to his friend!

We also started teaching a young girl who is 12. Her mom is Catholic and her dad is a less active member of the church. Her friend has been inviting her to come to church, and then asked if she would want to meet with the missionaries and learn more. We had a lesson and there were a bunch of young women her age there to help support her. When we were teaching, all of her friends would chime in, sharing their testimony and stories. We invited her to be baptized and told her that she can pray to know if it is right. Her friend leaned over and said "When you pray, you'll get a good feeling, and that's Him telling you that it's right!" To see that these youth have this awesome support helps me to know that they can thrive in the gospel. 

I love to see the temple!
It is such a privilege to be serving here in this mission. We just recently had a training for all of the sister missionaries, and I gave a training with Sister Livingstone about being bold. As sisters, we have such a huge capacity to love, and with that love, we can be even more bold. The people we teach know that we care about them, and that we want to help them progress in the gospel, to change, to repent, and to become baptized. I know that with the power and authority that I have been given, and with the help of the Holy Ghost, I can change people's lives!

I love you all, and I hope you're smiling!


Sister Boman

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