Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's Never Too Late

Hermana Estrada and I with our mission president's wife, Sister Jaggi! We made posters talking about ourselves and our mission vision. Hermana Estrada is an incredible artist!
We had zone conference this week with our new mission president. He is truly inspired! He is just what the mission needs. It is interesting to see how the Lord qualifies the called. We could tell at first that President Jaggi seemed a little nervous and overwhelmed, but he is truly rising to the call. Our mission is learning "line upon line, precept upon precept" as it says in 2 Nephi chapter 28. With each mission president, we are able to learn and progress a little bit more. I am excited to see what I can apply for the last few weeks of my ministry. 

We had a really hard lesson last week. We met with the young girl we have been teaching and her mom. Her mom is really concerned that the 25th is too soon for her baptism. When we talked to her about it, her concerns came down to the fact that she still needs to invite everyone and make sure they can be there. But they have known about the baptismal date for a few weeks now! That is what is so frustrating. They want to wait a whole month before her baptism now. It is so sad. I know that there are blessings waiting for her that she can receive when she makes this commitment to the Lord. And she wants to get baptized, but she is so sweet and really doesn't want to upset her mother. She respects her so much. We will continue meeting with her, but I will have to skype in to her baptism, since I will be home then!

Even in these last few weeks, I see how much I still have to learn. Missionary work is hard, but so worth it. I am so grateful for how the Lord is changing and shaping me into the person He knows I can be. 

I love you all, and I hope you're smiling!


Sister Boman

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