Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eyes Of A Missionary

Charlie's Angels/God's Angels/Fearsome Threesome
Sister Hansen and I 

We found out about transfers this morning! I'm staying, Sister Bartnik is leaving, and Sister Hansen is going back to her stake. So it will be back to one stake for me and my new companion, Sister Gietz! 

This week was full of growth. In our companionship we have helped each other to become better teachers, better missionaries, and better people. When things are hard, we must always take a step back, realize how much we have, and ask Him for strength to continue forward. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to serve the Lord, to share His gospel with the world, and improve myself. It is such a privilege. I want to make every moment of this time count. 

Elder Flores, a missionary that was in my zone these past two transfers, wrote this poem and shared it at a musical fireside a while back. I love how he describes our purpose as missionaries. 

I wish to wish, I love to love
I've dedicated two years of my life to talk about two specific people who live above
I want them to know them, I want them to know that they care
And just like the wind I want them to have faith that it's there
We can't force it on 'em, we can only lead them
And I know Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father is looking down on us to see how we treat them
We're not here to teach lessons, we're here to teach people
And we're also here to let you know that because of this name tag we're the true defenders against evil
We call you ten times a day and knock your door twenty times a week,
We're not here to be annoying, we're here to try and be like Jesus Christ and herd his sheep
Just know that we love you, just know that we care
Just know that when you need help Heavenly Father will always be there
We know that this is true, we know what blessings this gospel has to give 
And we know that Jesus Christ just hasn't come and gone
We know that he lives
He lives in our hearts, he's by our side day by day 
He's right next to the Holy Ghost while the Holy Ghost is whispering in our ears something sweet to say
We know that this gospel is true, we know that this gospel is for you,
So just let us in your door and you'll see what this gospel can do.

Sister Minarchik, Sister Bartnik, Me, Elder Lewington, Elder Henderson, Sister Hansen, and Sister Horvath

Hope y'all are having a great week! I'll update more next week :)

Keep smiling! 


Sister Boman

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