Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Okey Dokey

We have forgotten what it is to be normal...

And a new leaf has turned! Transfers were last week and I am working hard with my new companion Sister Gietz! She is awesome. We have so much fun together. We have been talking in accents and it has gotten to the point that I am forgetting English. Maybe we will need to do an hour of language studies... But anyways it is a lot of fun. We are trying to find more people to teach, so we went to some apartments and started talking to the kids that were hanging around outside. We talked to a girl and then to her neighbors, a brother and sister. When we met with them later, we asked if they wanted to be baptized, and the girl said "yeah, why not?" Haha it was not the best committed response, but why wouldn't you want to be free from sin? Why wouldn't you want the help of the Holy Ghost? When you think about it, the answer really is, why not?

We are still teaching the couple who met at the dump. She is down to half a pack of cigarettes a day! And now she is working on coffee. We watched a video called The Savior Wants to Forgive. Her husband got emotional as we watched it. He said that he has always know that the Savior is there for him, no matter what. It is so awesome to see that although we might feel like it is too late, that we are all alone, the Savior is always there to help us. 

I finally read the talk my mom had sent me (thanks mom!) called Becoming a Consecrated MissionaryI read it with my companion during companionship study, and after literally every paragraph, we looked at each other and went "oh dang!" (Art's voice). This time I am spending on my mission is a precious time. When I go home, I will probably be preoccupied with school and relationships. But this time, these eighteen months, are when I can truly consecrate my time to the Lord, and become like my Savior Jesus Christ. That means that it is up to me to lay everything on the altar of sacrifice. I must spend all of my passion, my energy, talents, and time dedicating myself to this work. It is not something I can be excused from. When I was baptized, I took upon myself the Lord's name, and as a representative of Him I am called to do His work on the earth. I am so grateful for that privilege and honor. 

I love you all and hope you know that the Lord loves you as well. Keep smiling!


Sister Boman

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