Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How Come You Have Not Been Baptized?

"I'm a little concerned about your salvation and stuff..." If you know what movie that quote is from, high five.

We had the awesome opportunity to have two baptisms this last week!!! Both were for nine year old girls from less active families. It has been an incredible journey to teach them both. To see their knowledge and faith in the gospel grow each time we met with them, to see them come to church, to pray, to read their scriptures, and then to make the commitment to Heavenly Father to follow the example of Jesus Christ through baptism, it was an amazing experience! Their testimonies strengthen my own, as I see the power that the Lord has in our lives, to help us to recognize the truth, and to help us live happier lives. Both families were so grateful that we had come into their lives. The timing was right-  and we know that was by the hand of the Lord. These young girls are such incredible examples to their families and peers, and I feel so lucky to have taught them.

We met again with the couple that met at the dump. They are the sweetest people. She calls us "Charlie's Angels" but then her husband corrected her and she changed it to "God's Angels". When she learned that after baptism she could be married for time and all eternity in the temple, her excitement and commitment increased exponentially! It is so awesome what the power of love can do. We challenged them both to stop smoking, and when we checked in with her the next day, she said whenever she feels the urge to smoke, she reads the book (the Book of Mormon) and prays with it in her hands. She went from two packs to one in just 24 hours! It is so incredible to see the miracles that the Lord makes possible in our lives.

Sometimes things get pretty funny here on the mission. We wave to everyone we see, just to put a smile on their face. The other day we waved at a group of people and one of the guys yelled out "Hey you wanna come to a party?" Of course we said yes! Haha but he ran over to our car and gave us a flier for a summer kickoff party at a club. Not exactly mission approved! But it was nice of him to invite us. We were talking to a younger guy and he asked us "So, is this like a nine to five kinda thing?" HAHA! Yeah we are just missionaries for part of the day. NOT. I'm a little concerned about his intentions! But we told him what our purpose is and that we are dedicating our lives for 18 months- this is a 24/7 kinda thing! We were talking to another man who has had a pretty intense past- he gave us a mini education of the drug world (don't worry, I didn't take notes). But he has met with missionaries before. He was talking about how he believes that we are not the only people in the universe- not like there are aliens or anything, I believe that there is life out there as well- and he described it like this: "It's like you got a bowl of milk and one cheerio- whaddaya need the whole damn bowl of milk for?!" We were cracking up! It is so fun to meet people and learn about their understanding of the world and of God. It helps me to be curious and always work to strengthen my own understanding.

So often we meet people who are so confused and conflicted. They try so hard to understand things and research and find out what the truth is, but we need to go to the source of all truth, and that is our Father in Heaven. It says in Preach My Gospel that "No one can know of spiritual truths without prayer." I know that this gospel is true because I asked God. I put in the time and the effort, and then went to Him for a confirmation. There are still plenty of things that I don't understand, but I know that this gospel is true, and I can not deny it.

I love you all and hope you are smiling!!!


Sister Boman

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