Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Good Friends

Well, another transfer is over, and this time...... I'M LEAVING! We can hardly believe it. I'm going out to the farmland by the mountains, so it will be a change of pace. But this transfer we are also working in the Ogden Temple open house, so it is going to be crazy! So many changes. My head is still spinning.

"Transferred?? What do you mean you're getting transferred?!?"
It is unbelievable what a roller coaster ride the mission is. The minute you get into the groove of things, you're spinning around another loop. My time with Sister Gietz has been amazing. We have incredible companionship unity, we make delicious breakfasts together, and we harmonize like nobody's business. I will miss sharing clothes and inside jokes with her. We went to the mission office today, and when we told President how bummed we were, he asked how long we'd been together. "Only ONE transfer!!!" we replied. He said "What?? Really?" Then he told us that there might be a possibility of us being together again, so we'll just have to remind him every transfer so that he doesn't forget!

There were two new sister missionaries arriving today, and the assistants to the president asked us if we would take them out tracting for an hour. We drove out to a neighborhood nearby and knocked on people's doors. I remember my first day when I went out tracting. I was so nervous! We met all different kinds of people, and back then I hardly knew what to say to them. It is incredible to think of how much I have grown. What I think has helped me the most is understanding that my love must be sincere. If I look at people as potential members, or some sort of "target", then I will never build a relationship with them. But when I look at someone as my brother or sister, and truly care for them, regardless of their interest in learning more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, then I will be able to invite the spirit. That is when they will feel my love for them, and through me, they will feel our Savior's love. It was so fun to take the new sisters out for that experience! Then we took them to Farr's Ice Cream, because we all deserved it in this stinking hot weather!

Tonight we are having a movie night with the investigator who we have been taking to our service projects for her community service hours. We are basically best friends now, and she's going to be so mad that i'm leaving! She told us last night that if we leave, she won't talk to anyone else. Hopefully she isn't serious. She has been praying and talking more openly with us. It is so exciting! We're going to watch Ephraim's Rescue, in honor of Pioneer Day. 

There are so many people i'm going to miss, but I am so grateful for the time that i've been able to spend here. I have learned a lot, and I am anxious to see what new adventures await me!

Love you all! Keep smiling!


Sister Boman

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