Thursday, September 4, 2014

Give 'Em Heaven, Baptize The Hell Out Of Them

Busy days are the best days! One night last week we had back to back lessons every half hour, and boy we were running around like madwomen. We have been visiting a lot of members to help them to be more missionary minded and understand their role in missionary work. It has been so great to get to know so many wonderful families and see how they are being great examples to those they interact with. What we help them realize is that we need them to do more! The Lord is hastening His work, and it takes action and invitation! We must give others the opportunity to learn of the truth, because there are somany people "who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it" D&C 123:12. A great example of this was the other day, we went to find a referral that we were told works nights. We had a little bit of time before running to our shift at the temple, so we stopped at their house. We met her niece at the door. She said that she grew up going to a baptist church, but doesn't go any more. We talked to her about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and the power of the priesthood that has been restored. We invited her, if she prayed and learned that these things were true, to be baptized. She said yes! It was so awesome! She has been prepared by the Lord! We just had to be where He needed us. We were going to go to the temple open house with her but her mom and aunt got sick, and then she did as well. We stopped by on Sunday and asked if they needed anything, maybe some soup? And they actually said yes that would be so nice! So we enlisted our talented senior couple to make some chicken noodle soup. We dropped it off last night. They were so appreciative. Hopefully we can go with them all to the open house before it ends this weekend!

We went on exchanges again, this time my sister training leader Hermana Lawrence stayed in her area and I went to her! My second time in the Spanish program and now i know for sure I am asking president to switch. I saw a few of the same people i met last week. The same girl I met and taught the plan of salvation, we made cupcakes for her birthday. They were funfetti and we filled some with chocolate and then made chocolate covered strawberries and put them on top! It was a deliciously chaotic mess in their tiny kitchen. It was so fun. Then we went to the baptism of a young man, and they needed someone to help with the music. So Hermana Lawrence played the piano and I led the music in spanish! It was awesome! Then we had a lesson and I even read some of the pamphlet in spanish! It was so cool. The member that was at the lesson thought that I was hispanic! I guess they must just think that i'm really quiet haha.

On sunday at church there were a few people who came up to me and told me that they had missionary experiences, or that they had just gotten their mission call, and one man even remembered something I said from a talk I had given a few weeks ago! It was so neat to see the members getting excited about missionary work!

I saw a lady from my last area at the temple. She is an older lady, and the self proclaimed "queen of the ward". She would always quiz us on church history and make fun of us for getting answers wrong. When she saw me she said "Well, have you gotten any smarter?" Hahaha she made me promise to invite her to my departing testimony meeting. She said she'd stay alive for it. She is a hoot!

This week is transfers, and because of the temple open house, they let all of the sisters know what was going on early so that we could plan accordingly. We didn't get a call, so we thought that nothing was changing. But you should always expect the unexpected! We got a call yesterday and found out that Sister Miller is leaving and Sister Nelson will be my new companion! It will be crazy being the one who "knows the area" but I think i'm up for the challenge! Luckily we have a lot of help and support from the members. It will be so sad to see Sister Miller leave! She is such a sweetheart. The people here love her so much, and she will be missed!

I love you all and I hope that you're smiling!


Sister Boman

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