Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tender Mercies

This week was really hard. One of those weeks that you never forget, not necessarily in a good way. It seemed like every lesson we had and everyone that we came in contact with rejected us. We had a lesson with a young man who was interested in learning, but when it got down to it, he said he really doesn't have a desire to change. He had so many questions and kept firing them off, but we answered them all. By the end of the lesson we were exhausted. Then, we met a woman who is 90 years old who is not a member. She has met with missionaries so many times, but just doesn't feel like she needs to be baptized again (she was baptized in two other churches). Her son was baptized, but he continues to tell her that she has lived a good life and that Heavenly Father will understand. I can just imagine her husband on the other side shaking his head, wishing that his sweet wife would recognize the truth. Her life has been prolonged and so many missionaries have come by, trying to help her. Of course we would never force her to do anything, but it was so sad to see her reject the blessings of the gospel. Then, we had a lesson with a lady who has been less active for 18 years. She finally told us that she doesn't want to come back to church, and that she wants to check out the Baptist church. She had even been through the temple. She says that she will be with her husband again, but she fails to realize that temple covenants are predicated upon our obedience. It was so sad to see her reject the things that she once learned. Then, we met a woman who is not active and is afraid to come back to church because she doesn't want to jeopardize her relationship with her husband. She said that she is happy where she is. 

I know that it sounds like a lot, and I hope I don't sounds like i'm complaining. All of this happened in one week, and it broke our hearts. It was so hard to see so many people turn us away. We told them how much we care and love them, and called them to repentance. It was so hard to hear them say no, to say "I'm happy where I am". They don't even know what they are missing, and they are too afraid to change. 

But this trial was given to us for a reason, to see if we would stay strong. To see if we would continue working even through the hard times. Luckily through all of this, we have continued to meet with the young boy who is getting baptized! We brought him to a baptism so that he could see what it was like, and we had the most incredible lesson with his family last night. He is worried that he isn't ready to be baptized because there are certain commandments that he isn't ready to keep. It was such a small thing that was worrying him. We let him know that satan is working really hard on him. He doesn't want him to make this step, and to have the help and companionship of the Holy Ghost. When his dad heard this, he began testifying that what we were teaching was true. This is the dad that was once Jehovah's Witness! He said "Why wouldn't you do this? You want to live a good life, to be a good person. Why wouldn't you want help from the Holy Ghost in your life?" We asked him if he would like a blessing to help him to feel peace, and the sister that joined us for the lesson called her husband to come and give him a blessing. After the blessing, the whole room was filled with the spirit. Even dad was speechless. He said that he could see his son in the same position, giving a blessing, when he is older. Hermana Duff and I were nudging each other the whole time. We could not believe how far his dad has come! It was so incredible to witness the power of the spirit. Our Heavenly Father is truly mindful of each of His children.

Then, today, we were able to have lunch with a couple I taught in Hyrum! They are the BEST and I was so grateful that they came all the way down to Ogden to see me. 

love these guys!
I know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us, and he gives us trials to strengthen us. It reminds me of the Mormon Message called The Will of God. No matter what we are going through, it is all part of our Father's plan for us. I am grateful for the hard week that we had, because I saw how I could get through it with His help. It also made the good moments that much sweeter. 

I love you all and I hope you're smiling!


Sister Boman   

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