Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mountains To Climb

This week... I'm going to stop classifying weeks as good or difficult because they all have a little bit of everything! I'll just say that sometimes when life gives you trials, you wonder if you are going to make it. Can I do this? The answer: probably not. But the wonderful truth that we try to teach people (and ourselves) is that we are not alone.

In the Book of Mormon in Moroni, chapter 7, verses 19-37 and 40-42, it talks about how we are not alone in our journey. The Lord will send angels to minister to us. With His help, we will be able to see miracles. In verse 25 it says:

"Wherefore, by the ministering of angels, and by every word which proceeded forth out of the mouth of God, men began to exercise faith in Christ; and thus by faith, they did lay hold upon every good thing; and thus it was until the coming of Christ."

We need not suffer alone. Through our faith, we will be lifted up and have the strength to endure. The hardest struggles I have had were times when I tried to get by on my own, with my own knowledge and strength. When I finally put it in the hands of my Savior, I was able to see miracles. That is one way that I know this gospel is true. It has helped me to climb mountains that seemed insurmountable. And that is why I am a missionary, to help others to find that faith and hope, to be able to climb those mountains with the help of their Savior Jesus Christ.

Last week I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of coming on my mission, and it was bittersweet. I was so grateful to look back at all of the good times I had, but even more grateful for the trials that I endured and the hard lessons that I have learned. I can look forward with faith, and say, "give me mountains to climb, give me rivers to cross, give me something that's going to make me better than I was".

I love you all, and I hope you're smiling!


Sister Boman

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  1. You are amazing. Thanks for your example. I hope you're smiling. I miss you so much. Love you! XOXO


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